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Dr. Kathryn Otto


Dr. Otto was a school district special education administrator and teacher for students with ED/BD and Autism.  She obtained her D.Ed. degree from the University of Kansas.  

Dr. Otto is available to support education advocacy efforts in the following areas:


  • IEP Meetings & Advocacy
  • IEP Consultation
  • Behavior Observations & Consultation
  • Parent Trainings


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Sarah Otto, M.Ed., MPA


Ms. Otto was a special education teacher in urban public schools for students in grades K-5 in both Kansas and Missouri for four years.  She worked as a Program Director at a non-profit and Targeted Case Manager.  She currently works as an adjunct instructor at UMKC.  She graduated from the University of Maryland with her B.S. in Special Education and M.Ed. in Education. She obtained her MPA from Keller School of Management. 

Ms. Otto is able to assist with the following Education Advocacy services: 


  • IEP Consultation
  • IEP Meetings & Advocacy
  • IEP 101 trainings
  • 504 Trainings
  • Behavior Observations
  • Reading/Literacy Instructional strategies and resources


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Advocacy Rates:

We do not want to turn anyone away if you are in need of education advocacy.  Contact us to discuss needs and we will work within your budget to assist you with your IEP needs.


Meeting attendance and observations: 

     $50.00 per hour (+mileage past 30 miles)


     $150.00 (+mileage past 30 miles)


No charge for:
     phone calls (up to 30 minutes per week) and emails.